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The Power of APIs

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

The use of APIs to connect and communicate data across systems and domains became essential to all projects and programs, regardless of scale, as a result of current digitization and clients migrating to cloud infrastructure. With the increasing need to shift to the cloud, expertise in SOAP, Restful services, and microservices became popular.

While BI Publisher is the preferred approach for obtaining data from Oracle Fusion cloud applications, other options include utilizing PVOs, HCM extract, and OTBI extraction in addition to BI Publisher.

The diagram below demonstrates how I used the BI Publisher's APIs to extract the data in CSV format and provide it to the client's data warehousing team for additional use. ODI managed both the creation of CSVs and the API calls.

Image showing high level process
High-Level Process

Clients can save as many reports in the report folder using the aforementioned procedure, and ODI will crawl through all of them and output a CSV file for each report in the designated folder.

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