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OACS Data Model upload failing?

Have you been working on an OACS project and using the classic method of semantic modeling using RPD rather than the latest OACS modeling?

I have noticed at times while uploading the data model I get the error and the data model is not replaced. I am following the same steps i.e.

In the OACS Console's snapshot page, from the right-hand corner 3 dots, selecting the "Replace Data Model" option

Selecting "Proceed without a virus scanner" on the next screen takes to the next step to select the data model (RPD) file.

By selecting the data model file from the file system and adding the password, I clicked on "Replace" and was presented with an error in just a few seconds.

The error looked like the one shown right here. It says "The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it. Authorization will not help and the request SHOULD NOT be repeated".

No matter how many times it is tried it keeps throwing the same error message.

The cause of this error is simply that the OACS session has timed out and it is a stale session which does allow us to make all the steps shown above as normal without any session timed-out issues.

Once re-authenticated and logged back in the same data model file gets uploaded as expected.

Happy Reading!!!

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